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Click here for Vol. 76, 2013

Vol. 77.1 Spring 2014

Of Windmills and Bubbles: Harlequin Faustus on the Eighteenth-Century Stage
judy a. hayden

Cross-Dressed Performance at the Theatrical Margins: Hannah Snell, the Manual Exercise, and the New Wells Spa Theater, 1750 
georgina lock and david worrall

The 1757 College of Philadelphia Production of Alfred: A Masque—Some New Observations 
kevin j. mcginley

Dead Man Talking: James Boswell, Ghostwriting, and the Dying Speech of John Reid
shirley f. tung

Review Article: Daniel Defoe’s Reviewand the Transformations of the English Periodical
brian cowan

Vol. 77.2 Summer 2014

“Booke, go thy wayes”: The Publication, Reading, and Reception of James VI/I’s Early Poetic Works

sebastiaan verweij

“Weele pay for that we take”: Regendering Consumption in the Publication History of Tis Merry When Gossips Meete

sara d. luttfring

The English Reception of Oldenbarnevelt’s Fall

kimberly j. hackett

Canon before Canon, Literature before Literature: Thomas Pope Blount and the Scope of Early Modern Learning

kelsey jackson williams

Notes and Documents

“Reasons Giuen by Me, Why I am in Debt”: Monetary Crisis and the Second Earl of Bridgewater

robin hermann


The Matter We Read

Review of Formal Matters: Reading the Materials of English Renaissance Literature, edited by Allison K. Deutermann and András Kiséry

jennifer l. andersen

Vol. 77.3  Fall 2014

A New Image of Elizabeth I: The Three Goddesses Theme in Art and Literature
helen hackett

Twice the Effort: Tracing the Practices of Stuart Verse Collectors through Their Redundant Entries
marcy l. north

Nuns and Community-Centered Writing: The Benedictine Rule and Brussels Statutes
jaime goodrich

“Commoners Wives who stand for their Freedom and Liberty”: Leveller Women and the Hermeneutics of Collectivities
melissa mowry

Notes and Documents

Lady Ranelagh’s Book of Kitchen-Physick?: Reattributing Authorship for Wellcome Library MS 1340
michelle dimeo

Hoccleve’s “Learn to Die,” Resurrected? Review of David Watt, The Making of Thomas Hoccleve’s “Series”
david gibney

The Introduction of Print 353 Review of A Companion to the Early Printed Book in Britain, 1476–1558, edited by Vincent Gillespie and Susan Powell
andrew fleck

Practicing Faith in Early Modern Britain 357 Review of Alec Ryrie, Being Protestant in Reformation Britain
susan m. cogan

Holinshed and Company 361 Review of The Oxford Handbook of Holinshed’s “Chronicles,”
edited by Paulina Kewes, Ian W. Archer, and Felicity Heal
christopher highley

Literary Networking 367 Review of Paul Trolander, Literary Sociability in Early Modern England: The Epistolary Record
lindsay o’neill


Vol. 77.4  Winter 2014

The Value of Money in Eighteenth-Century England: Incomes, Prices, Buying Power—and Some Problems in Cultural Economics
robert d. hume

Samuel Pepys and Tangier, 1662–1684 417 margarette lincoln Mary Scott, Sarah Froud, and the Steele Literary Circle: A Revealing Annotation to The Female Advocate
timothy whelan

Mrs. Hobart’s Routs: Town House Hospitality in 1790s London
clare walcot

Shakespeare in Print
Review of Shakespeare’s Stationers: Studies in Cultural Bibliography, edited by Marta Straznicky; Lucas Erne, Shakespeare and the Book Trade ; and James J. Marino,
Owning William Shakespeare: The King’s Men and Their Intellectual Property
cyndia susan clegg

Textual Activism as Political Mediation
Review of Julie Crawford, Mediatrix: Women, Politics, & Literary Production in Early Modern England
carme font paz

Bigger Maps: Redrawing the Intellectual Boundaries
Review of Jon Klancher, Transfiguring the Arts and Sciences: Knowledge and Cultural Institutions in the Romantic Age ; and Noah Heringman, Sciences of Antiquity: Romantic Antiquarianism, Natural History, and Knowledge Work
paul keen